Chip Sampling

Chip sampling is another specialty drilling option under the Custom Drilling Services domain.  Rotary drilling rigs designed to use large volumes of compressed air retrieve consolidated rock samples from varying depths.  The resulting geological data allows for the quick assessment of the quality and quantity of the mine-able reserve.


Custom Drilling Services is fully equipped to support efficient mining operations with the best MSHA trained crews and a very impressive record of safe work practices.

Electrical Grounding

Custom Drilling Services’ outstanding safety record means, naturally, that safety is a top priority on every job site.  Our well-trained crews know exactly how to ensure industrial-level Electrical Grounding is done properly.  Electrical distribution systems require exceptional grounding characteristics to protect both people and equipment.  


Custom Drilling Services electrical grounding techniques include installing copper clad steel rods deep in the ground.  Often referred to as “earthing” because it takes place below the surface, this process allows for safe and efficient disbursement of electrical current.

Cathodic Protection

At Custom Drilling Services, our focus is not only to maintain a safe working environment. Our attention to safety remains on the job long after we have finished.  Custom Drilling Services has the specialized skills and equipment to install cathodic protection to maintain the integrity and safety of pipelines.


Deep boreholes are necessary to install the specialized sacrificial cathodic equipment. Once installed, the cathodic protection system serves to dissipate electrical currents and charges created when pipelines are in use.